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     Our purpose is to help Create Authentic & Accountable Leaders

Todays foremost thinkers on leadership are unanimous in the view that we are in a new era of leadership that demands the continuous transformation of oneself in order to lead an organisation through constant and rapid change. It is also well understood that a company's culture is largely a function of its leaders, and that an organisations culture directly impacts its performance. At SCS we leverage our capabilities to deliver positive large scale change within the individual, team and organisations  

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Executive Coaching 


Our coaching program is based on two key principals. It is structured, beginning with the clear identification of goals and measures, followed by the introduction of models that allow for a greater expanded self awareness and clarity of focus -  we help unlock your potential.


Most of our programs are over six to nine sessions over a six to nine month period 

Transformational Coaching


Transformational coaching is a way of working with you that moves beyond the surface of the presenting topic. It fundamentally impacts on all of 'who you are'.  

Transformational coaching -  is coaching that works at the level of beliefs, values, identity and purpose - is likely to create this long-term change.

Our program is over a six to twelve month period, this time period allows you the space for deep reflection , and implement the steps of  letting go of old behaviors and patterns that no longer serve us

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Management Consulting


We bring years of experience in helping businesses identify, articulate and execute strategy that works.

We offer not only strategic expertise  but also financial / accounting expertise to help you get where you want to go.

  • Leading edge strategic thinking

  • Proven sound and straight forward methodology

We know the pressure and uncertainty your facing, we can help you obtain a clear and unambiguous strategy for your business 


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Leadership Development


One of the main issues that Developing Leaders / Entrepreneurs face is lack of support.

Our leadership programs help to enable you to develop three key areas...

  • Clarity

  • Strategy

  • Action

We enable you to unlock your hidden resources to help you grow not only as a leader but as an individual

Our programs are over a six to twelve month period


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